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"By Sacred Song and Wine and Bread"​

Selected winner of the 2016 Hymn Search

by the Macalester-Plymouth United Church (Pres. & UCC) in St. Paul MN  

Hymn texts in "Extravagance InsteadWayne Leupold Editions,  Inc.  www.wayneleupold.com      
          and tune suggestions found in "The United Methodist Hymnal" (UMH), 1989.  
Page         Title                                                      Suggested Tune on UMH page #___        Usually Sung with (title)
1.   A Measure of Splendor :                                    St. Denio       p.103                              “Immortal, Invisible,…” (or,  Lyons)
3.   As The Disciples Saw Your Face                        Duke Street  p. 157                              “Jesus Shall Reign”
4.   Extravagance Instead                                         St. Peter      p. 549                                “Where Charity and Love…” or Crimond)
5.   Far Beyond Our Understanding                       Rathbun         p. 295                             “In The Cross of Christ I Glory”
6.   God Will Be With Us                                           Steeple Kids                                            original tune, unpub. by  Kathie Metz
7.   God’s Delight                                                       Promised Land  p. 724                        “On Jordan’s Stormy Banks”
8.   Good News of Salvation                                     St. Denio        p. 103                             “Immortal, Invisible…”
9.   Have Mercy On Us Lord                                     St. Michael    p.372                               “How Can We Sinners Know”
10.   Holy Spirit, Wind And Flame                           Hendon         p. 163                              “Ask Ye What Great Thing”
11.  I Do Not Know Him                                           Kingsfold       p. 285                              “To Mock Your  Reign”
12.  In Communion’s Holy Supper                          Wellesley      p. 121                               “There’s A Wideness In God’s…”
13.   In The Fresh, Light Breeze                                Holy Manna p.150                                “God, Who Stretched…” (or Austria)
14.   In The Midst of Human Suffering                    Rathbun,       p. 295                               “In The Cross of Christ I Glory”
16.   Join The Joyful Dance of Easter                        Regent Square  p. 220                          “Angels From The Realms…”
17.   Lift Praise To God                                               Mit Freuden Zart  p. 126                     “Sing Praise To God Who…”
18.   Like Grace That Runs Ahead                            Forest Green     p. 152                         “I Sing The Almighty Power…”
20.  Living Church, Display God’s…                        Unser Herrscher  p. 578                       “God of Love and God of Power”
22.   No Eye Has Seen                                              Azmon               p. 57                             “O For a Thousand Tongues”
23.   Not Just For Us                                                 St. Anne           p. 117                             “O God, Our Help In Ages Past”
24   O The Joy Of Easter Morning                         Hymn To Joy   p. 89                                “Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee
26.  On That Holy Night Of Wonder                     Hymn To Joy  p. 89                                 “Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee” or “Glorious Light”,  original
                                                                                                                                                                                                 tune, unpub., by Patrick Michaels
27.   One Week In Spring                                         Kingsfold       p.283                                “To Mock Your Reign, O Dearest Lord”
28.   Practice The Presence                                      Presence                                                 original tune, unpub., by R. Frederick Crider
29.   Prayer After Receiving                                    Scilian Mariners   p. 671                      “Lord, Dismiss Us With Thy…”
30.  The Day of Grace And Hope                           Lenox                  p. 379                          “Blow Ye The Trumpet Blow”
31.  The Faith Than Once Led ….                          Materna             p. 696                           “America, The Beautiful”
33.  The Grace Of God                                           Bred Dina Vida Vingar   p.502              “Thy Holy Wings O Savior”
34.  The Lord’s Prayer                                            Bred Dina Vida Vingar   p. 502              “Thy Holy Wings O Savior”
35.  The Silent Day That Sits …                              Crimond           p. 118                             “The Care The Eagle Gives Her Young”
36.  The Simplest of Presents                               Die Hirten Auf Dem Felde  N/A             “As Lately We Watched”
38.  The Time Between                                          St. Anne p.       p. 117                              “O God, Our Help In Ages Past”
39.  The World’s True Light                                    St. Thomas       p. 540                              “I Love Thy Kingdom, Lord”
40.  Though Forms Of Worship…                          Aurelia             p. 545                               “The Church’s One Foundation”
41.  We Know What Thomas…                               Gerald               p. 410                              “I Want A Principle Within”
42.  We Look With Sadness On ….                        Forest Green    p. 152                              “I Sing The Almighty Power of God”
44.  When Brutal Forces Crush …                         Kingsfold           p. 285                             “To Mock Your Reign”
45.  When Hope Itself Seems …                            Christmas          p. 236                            “While Shepherds Watched”
47.  When Love Brings Laughter                         Duke Street      p. 157                              “Jesus Shall Reign”
48.  When We Give Our Gifts…                             Irby                  p. 250                               “Once In Royal David’s City”
49.  Will We Welcome The Holy …                         El Nathan          p. 714                            “I Know Whom I Have Believed”
50.  With Grateful Hearts We …                             Festal Song        p. 576                           “Rise Up O Men Of God”
51.  Your Love Is New Each …                                Crimond         p. 118                              “The Care The Eagle Gives Her...”

Note: Many of us are less familiar with the proper name of a tune, than we are with the name of the hymn text with which we learned and sang that tune. I hope this index will be of help in more quickly identifying suggested tunes in my hymn collection Extravagance Instead. Especially, I am thinking of busy pastors or musicians picking hymns for next Sunday’s worship service before the bulletin deadline. 
Although this list refers only to pages in The United Methodist Hymnal, the names of the more common texts likely to use that tune, may be recognizable to many readers.      Fred Crider    
UMC General Board of Discipleship

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