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Learning new tunes can be challenging for a congregation.  Using current tunes and new words brings new life to a hymn.  

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"I Could Live With That."  

"Hope is a Candle"

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In Communion's Holy Supper "

" Holy Spirit Wind and Flame "

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Note:  The Hymn Text Format:  Primarily words only, with suggested tunes.

Unsure of the suggested tune?
     Simply look for a possible match in the Index Of Tune Namesin the back of your church’s hymnbook. You may recognize my suggested tune as one to which your congregation sings a familiar hymn.
     If you attend a church that uses only projected hymns or praise songs, you will need to go online to a web site like www.hymntime.com where by choosing the first letter of the tune name, and then scrolling down until you find a match, you can hear the tune played. 

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                   Thank you, and sing on!   Fred Crider