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Learning new tunes can be challenging for a congregation.  Using current tunes and new words brings new life to a hymn.  

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"I Could Live With That."  

"Hope is a Candle"

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In Communion's Holy Supper "

" Holy Spirit Wind and Flame "

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Note:  The Hymn Text Format:  Primarily words only, with suggested tunes.

Unsure of the suggested tune?
     Simply look for a possible match in the Index Of Tune Namesin the back of your church’s hymnbook. You may recognize my suggested tune as one to which your congregation sings a familiar hymn.
     If you attend a church that uses only projected hymns or praise songs, you will need to go online to www.hymntime.com where by choosing the first letter of the tune name, and then scrolling down until you find a match, you can hear the tune played. 

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